Atlanterra aims to ensure the economic, ecological and social viability of the projects it finances, with the common aim of transforming operating models towards (a more) sustainable agriculture.

Our support for a sustainable agricultural transition

We provide the financial, human and technological resources needed to make a success of our societal, cultural and environmental development projects.

  • Developing skills and helping farmers to adapt to new productions, thus facilitating and accelerating the model’s transformation

  • Facilitating the integration of young farmers within our ecosystem

  • Support and use technological innovations to:

    –  Improve farmers’ safety
    –  Restore the quality of land and its biodiversity
    –  Promote the cultivation of quality products in sufficient quantity for our industrial clients

Secure production and sustain the work of farmers

Atlanterra Agriculture Durable supports farms and provides agronomic innovations:

  • From seeds to distribution

  • In the creation and implementation of crop-based projects

  • In the identification and management of environmental, agricultural and financial risks

  • And from day to day, on administrative, financial, regulatory and material matters

Trace and secure production in terms of quality and quantity

Based on the principles of sustainability, ethics and respect, Atlanterra relies on three pillars to contribute to the development, improvement, and rehabilitation of farms and biodiversity.

Independent, recognised experts

Innovations and new technologies

Valuation tools and methods