Les Terres de l'Indre

In order to complete the analyses carried out by Biosphères previously, we welcomed CDC Biodiversity last week as part of a mission to assist the project owner in establishing a pre-diagnosis of biodiversity on our farm, Les Terres de l’Indre, in the wooded sectors (257 ha) and ponds (26 ha).

Les Terres de l’Indre covers an area of 650 ha consisting of forests, certified organic crop land, ponds and numerous forest or open field ponds.

On this farm, we aim to optimise the development of biodiversity in the long term by adopting sustainable and virtuous agricultural and forestry practices.

Two ecologists therefore carried out a field visit to the site in order to assess the issues and confirm the bibliographic data. The wooded area was visited in order to identify the environmental elements at stake and to define the characteristics of the woodland (species, average diameters, forest units, biodiversity trees, dead wood, ponds, clearings, structure, edges, etc.).

CDC Biodiversity qualified the overall level of challenge of the massif by sector/forest unit through these general specificities. The results of the studies were mapped for a better understanding of the massif and the environmental analysis.

On the ponds, CDC Biodiversity assessed the functioning of the hydrographic network and the connections (ecological corridors) with the other ecological infrastructures of the territory. In particular, CDC Biodiversité analysed the state of the banks, specific topographical features, existing developments (natural and man-made), the flora, etc.

With regard to the biodiversity issues identified on the site, CDC Biodiversity will soon propose the global management prescriptions to be carried out on the Terres de l’Indre in order to respond to the biodiversity strategy of Atlanterra Sustainable Agriculture.

More about CDC Biodiversity

CDC Biodiversity is a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts entirely dedicated to the action in favour of biodiversity and its sustainable management.

Les Terres de l'Indre