Good morning Stéphanie. Please introduce yourself to our community.

Hello, my name is Stéphanie Rheinboldt. I’m a financial analyst by profession and curious by nature – I’ve always tried to understand my environment. I’m interested in all sectors of the economy, and I enjoy hearing the views of business managers. My experience of the financial markets and my knowledge of the various sectors help me to assess their chances of success in a constantly changing world.

If you had to define Atlanterra Agriculture Durable in three words?

Biodiversity, respect and future.

And two more: Nature, and impact…

What in your opinion is Atlanterra’s real strength?

Atlanterra brings together a large number of talented people who have proven themselves in their fields of expertise, who share ideals and who are determined to make their vision of sustainable agriculture come true on the basis of equitable acknowledgement of their respective skills.

What is your role in Atlanterra?

Within Atlanterra I’m part of the management committee, to which I contribute my financial expertise and my general view of the world of economics. I also bring a fresh look to the agricultural sector as a newcomer, which favours questioning.

How do you see the association or link between sustainable development and finance?

Sustainable development is still a relatively recent variable in the world of finance. People are finally beginning to grasp the cause and effect relationship between better resource management and respect for our environment as an undeniable indicator of success, and long-term profitability. Improved financial assessment of the needs and risks allows us to anticipate and plan and to avoid costly pitfalls or lawsuits. It seems to me that finance too must take some responsibility here.

What can we wish for you in Atlanterra?

Nature teaches us patience and humility in the face of circumstances. So you can wish me the time to see all our projects come to a satisfactory conclusion as part of an approach that is far removed from short-term speculation. Above all I’d like to contribute to aligning the interests of the world of agriculture with those of the world of finance in a spirit of mutual respect.