Renaud Pailhes

Can you introduce yourself to our community?

Hello, my name is Renaud Pailhes, 25 years old, I am an environmental economist. I am interested in the design and implementation of ecological transition models, mainly in the agricultural sector, adapted to the constraints and opportunities related to climate change.

If you were to define Atlanterra Sustainable Agriculture?

Atlanterra is a consulting company that offers sustainable and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the actors of the European agricultural sector, whether they are investors, producers or processors. It supports its clients in their transition towards more virtuous and efficient models.

What do you see as the strength of Atlanterra?

As the paleoanthropologist Pascal Picq writes, “it is the most agile, most open organisations, with the greatest variety of profiles, that will find the keys to adapt and emerge stronger”.

What is your role within Atlanterra?

I put my knowledge of economic and environmental sciences, as well as my experience of rural life, at the service of Atlanterra’s vision and objectives by assisting in the design and implementation of projects to enhance the value of farms linked to cultivation choices, carbon and biodiversity.

How do you see the association, the link between sustainable development and finance?

I see sustainable development as a need for global progress, both social, economic and environmental, which materialises in the form of a multitude of ambitious, innovative, impactful and sustainable projects. In my opinion, finance has every interest in joining this movement, the benefits of which depend, as for any project, on will, skills and means.

What can we wish you at Atlanterra?

To carry out as many projects as possible that are beneficial to our agriculture and respectful of nature and people.