We provide opportunities to invest in European land and as such actively participate in a sustainable agricultural transition. With that in mind, we directly support farms, along with production and distribution projects.

Acquiring and cultivating land

The investment or joint-investment solutions on which Atlanterra Agriculture Durable relies mean we can acquire and develop existing farms and arable lands. We use an innovative model that ensures profitability and productivity of the estates.

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Steering and advising farmers along the value chain

We support sustainable transformation processes for farms by providing administrative, financial, regulatory and technological support. We provide farmers with advice about primary processing and ways to distribute to the food, health and flavour and fragrance industries.

Our mission

Atlanterra Agriculture Durable participates in the transformation of farming models to rise to the social and demographic challenges of the agricultural world.


Regenerate ecosystems and soils

  • By using technology and innovation to maintain or restore quality and biodiversity.

  • By fostering the necessary sustainability conditions for the production and traceability of healthy crops.


Secure production for our customers

  • By relocating strategic and/or specialised plant species to Europe.

  • By supplying our customers with quality agricultural products.


Sustain production structures

  • By steering activities thanks to technical and financial expertise.

  • By developing local know-how and resources within a profitable, sustainable, and fair structure.

Serve the common good, at the heart of our values

By rebalancing the relationship between the work on the land, the quality of crops, and the efficiency of farms, Atlanterra aims to serve the common good by way of clear commitments:
  • Make the most of our expertise and innovations

  • Ensure transparency in all our processes

  • Promote pragmatism in all our operations

  • Mettre en place des solutions ayant un impact réel